Video Production and Ranking Services

Oasis Marketing Video ServicesOasis Marketing produces high quality videos that enable you to give your site visitors a powerful impression of your business. Without a doubt, one of the most persuasive ways to convince a potential customer to call or email your organization is by utilizing video!

More often than not, site visitors will look for information about your company before they take the time to contact you. Informative videos about your business can accomplish this. Videos are a great way to show live testimonials, introduce key employees, and talk about your business in order to gain trust and credibility.

Along with providing valuable information to your website's visitors, videos can be optimized to achieve high rankings on video websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and more! We can even get them to rank in the regular Google results as well, adding another weapon to your "internet marketing arsenal"!

We work on every part of the video production process, including:

  • Pre-production – Oasis Marketing prepares all aspects for the video shoot. This includes generating a script and sending it for your review, prior to filming.
  • Production – Video shoot direction, filming, lighting and sound. We take care of all aspects of production.
  • Post-production – This includes all of the video editing to make the final product "polished". This step is what “sells” your business. We also compress your video to make it smaller, so that even your site visitors with a slower Internet connection will be able to view it properly.
  • Website Video Page – Depending on how many videos you want, we will generate a page on your website where you can conveniently place all of your video clips, in order to make it easy for website visitors to access all of them.
  • Video Marketing (Video SEO) – We will optimize each video that we produce for you, which will allow for higher visibility on all of the major video sharing sites mentioned above. We also offer optimization services to get your video ranked organically in Google search results for specified keywords. This will allow you to further expand your brand even further throughout the internet!

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